SZH Biomass Fired Steam Boiler
Model specification and Configuration Illustration
The instruction of Grate's configuration: different type of grate according to the quality of coal
The instruction of dust collector's configuration:choose different dust collector according to different environmental protection regulation
The configuration of Steam(Water) distributor:configures the number of tube socket of output and input according to the workshop's require
The configuration of water treatment devices:configures water treatment device according to the hardness of water
SZH Biomass Fired Steam Boiler
SZH Biomass Fired Steam Boiler
SZH Biomass Fired Steam Boiler
Unique Orientation
Super Cost-effective Choice
SZH series products have adopted double-drum offset hearth (D type layout),smoke three-pass process design, design of front-back arch and blank space in the middle segment to force smoke updraft .double furnace doors to achieve feeding coal from two sides. all water tubes structure, fast pressurizing,high quality steam by adopting the new steam-water separated equipment. the package boiler is easy install and transport. SZH series products are key recommendation products of China's energy conservation projects, which won the national scientific and technological process second class prize in our country and a golden lion award of new product expo in Singapore.
Presentation of boiler body detail
Convection tubes
Presentation of boiler grate in detail
Two or multi furnace doors
Removable fired grate bars
Removable handle
Unique manufacturing technique and complete inspection process
1. High temperature annealing treatment of Arched tube plate
2. Fully automated tube sheet welding
3. 1.4 times' hydro test
4. All-around crack detection
5. Optimizing installation technique during 20 years' production
6. 24 hours operation debugging of grate
7. 60 lines inspection before delivery
8. Fully automated processing of spirally corrugated tube
9. Fully automated Precise technique of blanking
10. Experienced welding construction team
Unique Technical Expression
1. Offset D-type Furnace
2. Large-sized down pipe
3. Independent self support
4. Two-stage arch
5. Grating type Steam and water separation device
6. Double furnace door at both ends(water boiler)
7. Dense convection bank
8. Oversized Heating Area
9. Oversized furnace
Presentation of boiler grate detail
1.Removable grate
2.Block and porous of grate bars
3.Multiple duct distribute wind design
4.New casting material for furnace arch
5.Integrated delivery
6.Two or multi furnace door
7.Low degree of mechanic dependency
The Machine's Technical Features
1.Removable grate
2.The boiler is packaged well before leaving factory
4.Double safety valve configuration
5.Auxilires modularize
6.Double pressure gauge
7.Double circulatory(supplementary) water pump
8.Interlock control
9.Simple foundation construction
10.Double water gauge configuration
Configuration Instructions
Instruction of the boiler's configuration:
Boiler Main Body
Boiler Main Body
Induced Fan
Induced Fan
Forced Fan
Forced Fan
Control Box
Control Box
Valves and Gauges
Valves and Gauges
Instruction of system configuration:
Ceramic Multi-tube Dust Collector
Ceramic Multi-tube Dust Collector
Composite Granite Water Film Dust Collector
Composite Granite Water Film Dust Collector
Chimney and Smoke Ducting
Chimney and Smoke Ducting
Smoke Ducting
Smoke Ducting
Softened  Water Device
Softened Water Device
Water distributor
Water distributor
Water Pump
Water Pump
Process of smoke flow:
Forced fan-grate-furnace-the two wings flue-front smoke box-smoke pipe-back smoke box-Economizer-Ceramic multi-tube dust collector-Composite granite water film dust collector -Induced fan - chimney
Water flow Process:
Tap water-Softened water tank-supply water pump-boiler circulating water pump-boiler-water separator-pipeline-terminal-pipeline-tail end-water collector-dirt separator-water pump (hot water boiler) tap water-Softened water tank-supply water pump-boiler-steam distributor-workshop(steam boiler)
Model SZH2-1.6-AII SZH4-1.25-AII SZH4-1.6-AII SZH6-1.25-AII SZH6-1.6-AII SZH8-1.6-AII
Rated Evaporation Capacity(t/h) 2 4 4 6 6 8
Rated Working Pressure(MPa) 1.6 1.25 1.6 1.25 1.6 1.6
Saturated Steam Temperature(℃) 204 194 204 194 204 204
Boiler Water Capacity(m3) 6.76 5.1 5.1 8.4 8.4 9.4
Heating Surface(㎡) 65.12 126.5 126.5 164.32 164.32 205
Economizer heating surface(m2) 26.4 43.2 43.2 69.76 104.64 174.4
Grate Effective heating surface 2.9 4.6 4.6 7.23 7.23 8.9
Maximum shipping demension (mm) 5960x2700x3470 5620X3230X3462 5620X3230X3462 7830X3340X3462 7600X3500X3464 8870X3346X3464
Packaging and Shipping
The boiler is  packaged before leaving factory within1-6t/h
The arch of boiler is  built in locale above 6t/h
Our Services
1.Technology accumulation of 60 years,over ten thousands users,its life is up to 20 years
2.Pricise work, mature technology, cost-effective choice
3.We not only provide devices,but also technology and service
4.We are a company with technology and soul,Good reputation is our secret weapon.
5.Our existence is to make our customer satisfied .
After-sales service
1 year guarantee,free maintenance within 1 year if there is quality problem.
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