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The Cultural Of Dakai Thermal
Core Cultural Topic
Be responsible for the results
Believe in oneself
Steadfast:down-to -earth,high efficiency
PK--dare to challenge
Obedience:accept and execute
Sincere--true self
Win-win--cooperate and undertake the due obligations together
Grateful--thankful and feedback
Orientation:Thermal System Expert
Operation Principle:
Technology Precision Integrity Win-win
Appreciative Comprehensive Trust Dedication
Service Concept:
Love Timely Professional Efficient
Installation Service Concept:
Normative Precise Artistic
Working Atmosphere:
Healthy Happy Simple Natural
Teamwork Principle:
Sharing and growing together
To become the No.1 Brand in Thermal System Industry in China
Our Mission:
To fulfill staffs' value,to increase our value for customers,to guide the evolution of the industry
Core Value Proposition:
Green sci-tech system,warm the world with love
Promotion Principle:
Mind matches with culture,ability matches with position
Hopes of the president:
To make people who want to achieve something,who are capable of doing something,who are skilled in doing something to succeed
Employment principle:
Give recognition to hard-working people,benefit people who work steadfast,set position for achieved people